Week 10. Foxes and women leaders

The big thing I learned about foxes is that their cunning nature is present in the Chinese mindset along with the European mindset. Both see them as being sneaky. Also they have a lot of supernatural powers that they can use to help or hinder people. To try to get their powerful help, the people would set up altars to gain favor with them. Something I’ve learned from other classmates and going deeper with the coursework is that gender is a big part of the fox identity as well. Women were usually in submissive roles in society but this was not always the case. One notable female leader was a general who got her position from being good at fighting. She did not rise up from the peasantry to be a warrior but her being a woman is a notable thing, The main theme of foxes is consistent with the rest of what we’ve learned.The common mindset was to try to control supernatural forces by getting them to like you through sacrifices or other means. It’s been a prevalent thought since the oracle bones with trying to sacrifice things to keep the ancestors happy so that they will help tell the future for you.

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