The Pitch

The chapter I will write in the textbook will be on the Classic of Mountains and Seas. What got me interested in researching this subject was one creature. This creature is none other than the Fishman. I first encountered him in this book. While other things in my assigned chapters went into great and extravagant details, the book was extremely sparse on this creature. The only things the text mentioned were that he looked like a fish with the face of a man and that he had a country to the south. While many fantasy creatures have sharp teeth or many eyes I feel like very few can claim to have their own nation! When I read that aspect it made me start asking a lot of questions. Do they have a fish military? A fish infrastructure? What is their government system? Are they a monarchy or perhaps a fish democracy? How is a country even defined in this time period? All these questions are left unanswered. Now I believe that researching the text itself in greater depth can help me learn more about where these creatures came from. I thought that I would move on and probably see nothing about this text since it seems that it is not really famous and is not considered one of the main classics. Or so I thought until we moved onto the Heavenly Questions. The enigmatic Fishman from the text is mentioned there again. Nothing new was written but he and his country popped up again! This must mean that the Classic of Mountains and Seas was a widespread text at the time. This assumption was further supported when Sima Qian mentioned the Fishman’s oil being used to light the torches in the tomb of the first emperor. With these multiple mentions, I decided that the text had to be very well known and I could easily find a pdf of it to read on my own. My curiosity would finally be sated! Unfortunately I was not so lucky. I could find no free pdf even though it was very old and should have been widespread across the internet. Even though this seems like it will be a very hard thing to do, I want to make a chapter that goes into detail about the Classic of Mountains and Seas as a text and how its creatures were made.

How I imagine the Fishman to look like

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