First week of online learning

Coronavirus and its resulting consequences have required me to get used to two new modes of life. Online classes and total self quarantine. The total self quarantine is what I will deal with first. At first, it did not seem too bad. At college and during breaks I would stay in my room most of the time. The main issue is that at least then I had the ability to leave if I wanted to. Now I am totally trapped. Where this really hits home is that I can’t leave the house to get snacks. I went out one time to a local dollar general. There were many empty shelves. I picked up some frosted flakes and sugar wafers. I was going to get more when in the next aisle over I heard a sound that made me go into fight or flight mode. A cough. When I was speed walking away I saw it was from an old lady. Now its likely coughing may have been normal for her like sneezing is for me but I was not about to risk another minute in that store. I paid for my goods and I have not left my house since.

In regards to online classes, I’d say that I am doing all right. I can still retain the information and learn. It also has the added bonus of having a much comfier seating arrangement. There are some inherent struggles in this arrangement as well however. I think it will be easier to explain in a pro and con list

Pros: Nicer seating arrangement, get to be home with pets, can still access most class materials

Cons: Harder to stay focused, family can make noise in the background, days go by faster which lets deadlines creep up on you, no access to the library, group work is harder, ever present fear of the virus somehow making it into the house and getting us all sick.

In conclusion while this situation is far from ideal, it is something that I just have to live with.

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