Final Reflection

Throughout this course, there have been many interconnecting themes and overarching ideas. A very big idea is that life is out of our hands. A lot of parts of life are controlled by ancestor spirits, gods, demons and creatures. To try to get some amount of contrl, rituals were established. People with knowledge and power Continue Reading

Week 11 mountains summary

Mountains are large part in various aspects of Chinese culture. The art of them is known around the world. They also serve a mystical purpose in Chinese myths and folklore. They are far from normal society so they are believed to be the home of many mythical creatures and spirits. Sometimes the creatures would be Continue Reading

The Pitch

The chapter I will write in the textbook will be on the Classic of Mountains and Seas. What got me interested in researching this subject was one creature. This creature is none other than the Fishman. I first encountered him in this book. While other things in my assigned chapters went into great and extravagant Continue Reading